Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

WVLS - Sierra - catalog.wvls.org The Sierra Server - VCat Online Catalog has had it's public IP addresses moved from Wausau HQ network to RDC network.

02:14 pm - All V-Cat resources are online. There were some reports of Z39.50 (and other Sierra Server utility) functionality loss earlier on, which were likely the cause of a specific routing policy that was disabled late in the "clean up" process. I spent some time troubleshooting the issue before realizing it had already been resolved. I don't want to reproduce the lack of functionality just to test the theory, but I'm fairly certain that route policy was causing a connectivity problem for any services which had traffic originating from the server itself.

MCPL's WAM configuration appears to be fully functional. https://0-www.whatismyip.com.ilsapp.wvls.org should return for any MCPL libraried patron. It should return for any valid non-MCPL patron.

09:32 am - MCPL resources which are not configured to reach catalog.wvls.org via the WVLS WAN may be unable to connect to the catalog until CCIT is able to remove the WCAN network advertisements for the IP address blocks which were migrated.

Updated route policy for Web Access Management config for MCPL will be completed ASAP. That service remains offline at this time.

The primary services are back online after a brief interruption.

This change would only affect libraries' patrons, accessing the catalog from outside the WVLS WAN.

Normal operations have been restored.

Console access for III support and direct Db Server Access for 3rd party services (if any) will be restored after the completion of the rest of this project.