Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

WVLS Network Updating default routes for BCN circuits

10:51 - BCN default routes have been updated and traffic paths verified. We will monitor this new status carefully for the next several hours.

BCN Libraries - Please report any disruptions in Sierra Desktop App services, internet services, or any other network services as they should now be considered unexpected.

09:37 - BCN is implementing route changes. BCN libraries which are already staffed and/or open to the public may experience network disruptions and/or complete network disconnect until further notice.

WVLS is working with BCN to update member libraries using BCN to change default routes.

This means that instead of libraries' network traffic going to WVLS HQ, then on to the Datacenter, such traffic will go directly to the datacenter.

This also means that BCN libraries' primary public IP address will change from to

A future cleanup project will resassign yet a different public IP address for pubic library internet use, but that will be accompanied with separate notifications.